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A Thousand Papercuts Still Skin Deep by Hector T J Huang

24 - 28 May 2022

2 timelines, 2 cities, and 4 queer friends.

1 anonymous hookup, 1 ex-(platonic) girlfriend, 1 potential boyfriend, and 1,000 paper cuts that hurt way much more than they appear to - they cut deep into your soul where nobody can see.

A Thousand Papercuts Still Skin Deep is a raw but tender play that dissects and attempts to heal queer angst and relationships with a dash of offbeat humour.

Set in Taipei and London, Hector’s modern, unflinching text shines a spotlight on growing up queer in East Asia in a story rarely seen onstage anywhere.

Written by Hector T.J. Huang, directed by Tianxin Tian, and featuring an East-Asian all-lgbtq+ cast.

The Company
Jun-Hwei: Andy Liu
River/ANON B: Lisa Maeda
A-Wen/Al: Kyle Ogata
Ming/Margo: Haoyu Wang

Playwright: Hector T.J. Huang
Director: Tianxin Tian
Scenographer: Jamie Lu
Assistant Director: Belle Bao
Associate artist: Xinxi Du
Producer: Lasse Bohnsack

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