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Love (to) Bits by Ioana Goga

7 - 25 June 2022

Love (To) Bits is a seriously comedic drama or kind of a dramatic comedy, however you choose to look at it, there will be laughter… and some tears. Think of it as if Bridget Jones and Fleabag had a love child. How could you resist that?! The show incorporates verbatim theatre and Brechtian elements. The play is comprised of two story arcs. The main arc focuses on the romantic life of the lead character, Cynthia, who just loves love, but can't quite seem to ever get it right. The secondary one showcases different people’s verbatim answers to the age old question “What is love?”. The two are perpetually intertwined.

Cast: Ioana Goga, Beatrice Bowden, Tomas Howser
Director: Jez Davess-Humphrey

Dastardly (Leaflet).jpeg
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