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My Dad Wears a Dress

by Maria Telnikoff

22 - 26 November 2022

A one-woman show about growing up with a transgender dad: the highs, the lows and the heels!

Based on real life, "My Dad Wears A Dress" follows a girl's journey, from childhood to youth, navigating a world in which all the dads she knows are men.

Filled with hilarious tales from her school days (from toilet mishaps to failed Valentine's Day confessions), it shows the difficulties of fitting in as a young person and the fears we feel about being labeled “outside the box”. Brimming with life and sincerity, the play challenges a world of heteronormative values, from the struggles of buying a Fathers’ Day card to the questions raised describing one’s family in a French lesson. “My Dad Wears A Dress” is a celebration of difference and acceptance. Suitable for all audiences enjoy a fun, zany show that asks what it means to have a "normal family"

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