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Reboot Festival 2

18 October - 3 December 2022

Each week features a different line up of new writing gems. There's truly something for everyone in these funny and heartbreaking gems of new writing.

Week 1:
Growing Into My Skin
Written and performed by: Ioana Goga
Directed by: Leo Bacica

Written and Directed by: Jake Hart
Cast: Abbie Blackburn (Dodi), Nicole Haddon (Ava)

Writer: Rich Yu
Director: Jimmy Walters
Cast: Alex Smith (Rich)

Writer: Scott Younger
Director: Jagoda Kamov
Cast: Magdalena Ivanova (Amber) , Michael Molino (Robin)

Finding a Voice
Writer: Samantha Priestley
Director: Anastazie Toros
Cast: Iskra Everhys (Cat's Voice), Marianne Kelly (Cat), Matthew John Wright (Alan)

Week 2:
The Son of Man
Writer: Sebastiao Marques Lopes
Director: Beth Graham
Cast: Emily Millwood (Patrick), Matthew John Wright (Matthew)

Possum Trot
Writer: Kathy Rucker
Director: Locke Earle
Cast: Gerrie Skeens (Maxine)

My Beautiful Distraction
Writer: Jonny Brace
Director: Amalia Kontesi
Cast: Hannah Dormor (Clara) , Olive McHugh (Paige), Simon D'Aquino (Gabe)

Moon Child
Writer: Nina Tolstoy
Director: Sharon Willems
Cast: Karen Bartholomew (Mother), Martha Crow (Charlie), Romulus Hotea (Roman/Beekeper/Doctor)

The Soprano
Writer: Amalia Kontesi
Director: Sam Tannenbaum
Cast: Veronica Sarno (Mary), Mark Keegan (Joseph Radinsky)

Winter Tales
Writer: Alina Rios
Director: Emma Copland
Cast: Emma Humpston (Eva), Daniel Lipton (Mark)

Week 3:
Writer: Sally Sheringham
Director: Afton Aitkenhead
Cast: Amali Jazeel, Ryan Radley

Writer: Marie Mayingi
Director: Zara Ramtohul-Akbur
Cast: Lara Grace Ilori, Yolanda Ovide, Mutulu Woolley

The Watchers
Writer: Jayne Woodhouse
Director: Sharon Willems
Cast: Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell, Ceri Gifford, Martha Crow

Complete Sex
Writer: Mónica Maffía
Director: Sharon Willems
Translator: Sophie Stevens
Cast: Daniel Keogh

Writer: Kate Webster
Director: Leo Bacica
Cast: Samira Teymouri, Leyon Hunter-Stolz

Grace finds Kel
Writer: Rex McGregor
Director: David Frias Robles
Cast: Lizzie Coles, Pete Picton

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