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Welcome to the Neurospace

22 - 26 February 2022

Building on the well-received work of the Stealth Aspies theatre company (2017-2019) and moving on from references to Hans Asperger, The NeuroSpace Theatre now presents a whole new production: "Welcome to the Neurospace!"

Who are we and can we be accepted by society? We are the future. Please listen to us.

The running order of the night:

1. 'An introduction to the show, the collective and my life' - a speech by Paul Wady

2. 'The Reason I Jump' - a poem by Haroon Khan

3. 'M. E. Trout' - an excerpt of the play by Bethany Henry Gemmell

4. 'Confessions' - a poem by Haroon Khan

5. 'Keepsakes' - a short play by Jake Hart

6. 'Builder's Brew' - a poem by Haroon Khan

7. 'A Journey Through a Literal Mind' - a comedy set by Pagane Gacheva

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