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Further Content Warning Guidance

A Thousand Papercuts Still Skin Deep is a play about the self-exploration of identity, sexuality and everyday life as four characters come-of-age. As such, it features topics that might make some viewers feel uncomfortable. 

Below, we have outlined how these topics are referenced within the play. Additionally, we have collated a list of resources that are available should you want to consult them for support.

Sexuality or Sexual Acts

With the discovery of the identity and sexuality of its characters at its core, Papercuts contains descriptions and stylised depictions of sexuality or sexual acts, most prominently in the scenes that are set in London, during the night-time meeting of two sexual partners. These scenes serve as a parallel narrative and run throughout the play. 

Drug Abuse

One of the scenes with sexual depictions features depictions of drug abuse when one of the characters attempts to use drugs to enhance their experience of sexual activity.

Violence, Self-harm and Suicide

Another one of these scenes additionally features the discussions of violence, embedded in a dialogue about sexual desires. This character's wish for an intense sensation is further displayed by their discussions of self-harm and suicide.

Gender Dysphoria, Homophobia and Transphobia

Furthermore, the play contains detailed discussions of gender dysphoria. This is present in some passages with River, the non-binary character in the play, who is coming to terms with their sexual identity. 

Not only River is discovering themselves, so is Jun-Hwei. As a consequence, Jun-Hwei tries to deny his own sexuality and circumvents his struggle through depictions of homo- and transphobia.

Strong Language

Lastly, Papercuts often contains passages where the young characters are swearing and make use of strong language.

Should you have any questions or wish further information, please contact

If you find yourself needing support, please seek help with any of the following organisations. They are here to help. You are not alone.

National Suicide Prevention Helpline (​​ or call 0800 689 5652) - Confidential 24hr listening service to anyone contemplating suicide

Youngminds: ( - Charity that offers support and resources for young people's mental health care.

LGBT Foundation ( - Offering Support for queer people 

Beaumont Society ( Transgender Suport group with specific support for transgendered youth

Taking Action on Addiction ( - Charity offering support and advice to overcome drug abuse

Further Content Warning Guidance for Papercuts: About Us
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