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Improv with Meisner Technique
An Inspiring Behaviour Workshop

22 April 2023, 11 am - 5.30 pm

In this workshop we’ll practice some simple improvisation exercises developed from Meisner Technique*. These will bring our attention to our scene partner's behaviour and help us respond with authentic points of view. Then we'll apply these powerful practices to improvised scenes that excite, delight and move us! Open to any level of experience. Designed to meet you wherever you are at.

What else you'll get:
• Out of your head
• More in the moment
• Instinctual responding
• Emotional connection
• Organic relationship story

Teacher Bio
Matt Sparkes is a professional improviser, Meisner Technique practioner and storymaker. He has trained internationally with over 100 talented improv teachers and practiced Meisner under Tom Radcliffe**, Dominic Kelly, Kate Maravan, Scott Williams** and Michael Gilhoolly. Matt has performed improv with various groups, including The Descendants. He currently plays with Unbound Theatre and his twoprov partner in Me&Him.  He has been teaching organic improv since 2018 and Meisner since 2020. Matt has a passion for improv with emotional connection at its core. He teaches in person/online and lives near Oxford with his fiancée.

'Matt’s workshops are excellent. He really gets you to delve into your improv soul! The acting techniques he shared challenged and helped me create more honest and believable characters. I particularly liked how Matt encouraged us to slow down and engage with the characters we were creating and how to really listen and respond to our scene partner. I definitely recommend Matt’s workshop for anyone who wants to expand their improv potential.' Ellie

*Meisner Technique uses improvisation and repetition to train actors in being present and attentive with their scene partner. Improvisation allows us to follow our impulses, and repetition takes us out of our heads and into our feelings by removing the need for conventional dialogue. Through attention and feeling we develop emotional connection with each other. This allows us to react authentically and improvise scenes that are more human and unique.

**Student of Sanford Meisner

Improv with Meisner Technique: Event
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