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My Dead

3-4 March 2023

"I hope they were buddies in life because they are certainly buddies in death.

My Dead is the story of a woman who finds her life through her dead.  Uncovering letters and autobiographies from her deceased grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, and even great-great-great grandparents, she is shocked to discover her ancestors from England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, and Mexico are passing down shared experiences that will alter the course of her life... leading her to ask:  "My Dead. Do I really know them?"

My Dead was originally developed as a 25 min thesis project at LAMDA in 2021.  It has since developed into an hour long one woman play that is now embarking on a multi-country tour. 

"Like a splash of cold water - I love this kind of show." (Ethan Scott, playwright)

"Endearing and intriguing from start to finish"(How Do You Survive Your 20s Podcast)

"Original, beautiful, and vulnerable...I was captivated." (Audience response)

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