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Organic Improv: A Scene Work Intensive

22 October 2023, 11 am - 5.30 pm

Join this unique Organic Improv Workshop to explore the unspoken words and emotions often hidden in scenes. Dive deep into the heart of characters, uncovering their true feelings and intentions that are often kept hidden. Through extensive scene work and analysis, you'll deepen your understanding of the profound subtext in each scene, leading to moments of true authenticity. By recognizing and reacting to these hidden cues, you'll connect more deeply with your scene partners and be more grounded in the narratives you discover.

**This workshop will mostly be practical scene work**

Previous improv/acting experience useful, not essential. Max 10 participants.

Teacher Bio
Matt Sparkes is a professional improviser, Meisner Technique practioner and storymaker. He has trained internationally with over 100 talented improv teachers and practiced Meisner under Tom Radcliffe*, Dominic Kelly, Dominic Morgan, Kate Maravan, Scott Williams* and Michael Gilhoolly. Matt has performed improv with various groups, including The Descendants. He currently plays with Unbound Theatre, Me & Him and Hallpike & Sparkes. He has been teaching organic improv since 2018 and Meisner since 2020. Matt has a passion for improv with emotional connection at its core. He is also a Circling practitioner. He teaches in person/online and lives near Oxford with his fiancée.


'Matt's workshops are always so captivating to attend and I'm always looking forward to the next one! I've struggled with being in my head too much when acting and always trying to be interesting even if it comes at the expense of the scene. Matt helped me to slow down, be more vulnerable and really listen to my scene partner. This not only helps me a lot in my improv but also had a great impact on my personal life and mental health. I especially love how much patience, care and focus he puts when watching us perform as his feedback is always so valuable. I can't recommend his workshops enough!' Artur

Organic Improv: Expressing Subtext: Event
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