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At Birth

At Birth_Insta_Story_london.png

16 - 20 May 2023

“The cracks can still be showing and that’s ok. New and old at the same time.”

What could possibly go wrong when one drunken night Anna, very gay, and Isaac, very very gay, have sex to heal from a breakup? What follows is a journey covering themes of queer families, abortion rights in the South, and the pursuit of building community, no matter how untypical. This queer dark comedy navigates blurred family lines, friendship, and dealing with the unexpected consequences life can throw at a person.

At Birth is written, performed, and designed by Ty Autry (A Southern Fairytale) a genderqueer Southern creative, and Thalia Gonzalez Kane (A Drunk Lesbian Love Affair) a queer, Ecuadorian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, and theatre scholar. Collectively, they've performed in North America, Australia, and Europe numerous times, garnering multiple awards and critical acclaim for their work on elevating queer voices.

Directing the production is Atlanta-based, award-winning director Melissa Foulger (Artistic Director, DramaTech). Rounding out the creative team is Intimacy Director, Monty Davis (Atlanta-based fight and intimacy choreographer) and Dramaturge, Kat Sandler (Toronto-based award-winning playwright and screenwriter).

At Birth continues touring to Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic), Out Front Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA), Elite Studio Works (Nashville, TN), and The Queerly Festival (New York, NY).

Totally Trucked

Solo Image.jpg

9 -13 May 2023

In a world so full of hate, misunderstanding, and separation, we as people find love. It’s what gets us through, isn’t it? Love is how we survive.

Growing up is hard enough, but when disaster strikes for Katie in the form of a ten-tonne truck, there is a whole other world of problems she has to deal with. 

Totally Trucked is a rollercoaster of a one-woman show written and performed by Katie Damer. Heartbreaking, hilarious, and incredibly raw, this unique story is an astounding reminder of human strength and the power of holding out hope.

Creative team:

Katie Damer (Writer and performer)

Naseem Partington (Producer)

Kirsti Burch (Marketing Liason)

Trumpets and Raspberries

Trumpets-raspberries-4 (2).jpg

18 April - 6 May 2023

TRUMPETS & RASPBERRIES (Clacson, Trombette e Pernacchi) By DARIO FO, Nobel Prize Winner.

A madcap political satire and farce about corruption and hypocrisy in high places and the plight of the common man versus the rich elites and the too-powerful corporations and institutions. Set in politically turbulent 1980s Italy, Antonio is a downtrodden shop steward at the Fiat Factory where Gianni Agnelli is the conceited, fabulously wealthy, famous boss.

During a bungled kidnap attempt of Agnelli, presumed to be by Left-wing terrorists, Antonio an innocent bystander, saves him without realizing who he is. The hospital treating Agnelli,
together with the authorities, believes their severely disfigured patient to be Antonio, and that he is one of the terrorists involved in the kidnap. It is a case of mistaken identity and absolute mayhem ensues in true Fo style! 

Force of Habit

Force of Habit by Roz Wylie_no logos_v3.png

28 March - 1 April 2023

There should be a siren when love starts to leave.

But it’s not like that. It’s a daily creep.

John and Martha fall in love and prepare for a life of joy together. Things are good, but never quite perfect, and the two lovers are trying their darndest but they can’t quite seem to get on the same page. Until one day, destiny happens.

Kibo Productions present their first show of the year, a bittersweet romantic comedy from the pen of Roz Wyllie, starring May López and Michael Hajiantonis, and directed by Leo Bacica.


Slither poster.png

21-25 March 2023

"This country'd be a whole hell of a lot different if every woman had a snake."


A Cretan snake priestess.

A 1930s burlesque snake dancer.

And the modern woman who needs their stories.

Slither is a modern feminist fable about family, faith, and finding your strength. ...with snakes.

Creative team:

Director: Sarah Beebe

Assistant Director: Darcy Calcraft


Adela McBrine

Antonia Kasoulidou

Anuli Changa

Freddie Wride

Keir Pagett-Mills

Malavika Suresh

Sarah Jost

Sarah-Luna Ace

Love Songs in London

Lovesongs teaser images (Instagram Post (Square)).png

14 - 19 March 2023

‘Love Songs in London’ is a joyful collage of the messy, crazy, uncomfortable, intimate, filthy, unpredictable, and slightly absurd encounters one has when living in the big smoke.  

It’s a southbound service of songs to stories to real conversations with the lovers of London. It will take a tour around the romantic alleyways of Aldwych, sit back and hear the titillating tales of the tube and learn just how erotic the exhibitions in the V&A can be. 

Mind the gap between your beating heart and Cupid’s bow and arrow.

This process and production has been generously supported by the Earls Court Development Company. 

My Dead

My Dead_Square Jpeg sans comma.jpg

3-4 March 2023

My Dead is the story of a woman who finds her life through her dead.  Uncovering letters and autobiographies from her deceased grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great grandparents, and even great-great-great grandparents, she is shocked to discover her ancestors from England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, and Mexico are passing down shared experiences that will alter the course of her life... leading her to ask:  "My Dead. Do I really know them?"

My Dead was originally developed as a 25 min thesis project at LAMDA in 2021.  It has since developed into an hour long one woman play that is now embarking on a multi-country tour. 

"Like a splash of cold water - I love this kind of show." (Ethan Scott, playwright)

"Endearing and intriguing from start to finish"(How Do You Survive Your 20s Podcast)

"Original, beautiful, and vulnerable...I was captivated." (Audience response)

The High Life

The High Life_announcementv2.png

14 - 19 February 2023

The High Life is a one-woman play about Kayla, a twenty-something black woman who is desperate to get out of her service industry job, and therefore enters the PR industry. It is a funny, vibrant, truthful piece about the lure and danger of toxic work environments, full of personal revelations, clandestine romance and some home truths that hit a modern audience hard.

Bloody Influencers

Bloody Influencers_announcement_edited.jpg

7-11 February 2023

Bloody Influencers is a comedy about influencer Daisy Woolworth aka Lucija Antonija Matic, Instagram queen, who goes on a journey of finding something real in a world where everything she has is fake, starting with the feelings between her and her fiancé.

She is on a journey of self-discovery when she faces an accident that causes her to change and find out what matters: the real connection with others, real care, and love that changes her life as she decides to go to therapy.

I Am Not Black


30 January - 4 February 2023

Temz Thomas has been asked to give a speech at his old school about how his time there shaped him into the man he is today.

While searching his old bedroom for his Blackberry from when he was in school Temz goes on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

In this solo performance, writer Akin Wright is asking the question where do you fit in when you're ‘too white for the black kids and too white for the white kids’?

'I am not Black' is a one-man show written and performed by Akin Wright and directed by Joseph Junkere.

**** - Rachel Reviewed


show image jpg.png

17 - 28 January 2023


Cornish, noun: sea maiden, mermaid 

Ambitious banker Keren is determined to make her mark. In a male-dominated industry, she’s learned that the way to get ahead is to speak loudly, strut your stuff, and sell sell sell. But the siren’s song is calling her name, drawing her back to her roots.

Meanwhile, Keren’s grandmother Morwen knows it’s time to pass down her wisdom, knowledge and place in her grieving community. Inheriting the village’s leadership was never part of Keren’s plan, but her daughter, mermaid-obsessed Ellie, loves it here. 

Drawing on Cornish mythology, Morveren is centered around a hidden coastal village where women make the rules and no one has to shout to be heard. Using theatrical magic and a digital choir to imagine an alternative way of living, Morveren is a celebration of community and a coming of age for three generations of women.

Past Productions: Performances
Past Productions: List

2021 Reopening Season

Radek Hoffman

Me, Myself & Secrets

14 - 18 December 2021

Past Productions: Performances
SAVI website 1.png

Emerging Artists Festival

22 - 27 November 2021

Savi Arts x Richard Swann present Emerging Artist Festival 

The Emerging Artist Festival features work-in-progress projects and showcases emerging actors. 

The programme includes:

Lions in the Lilypads by Romo Sikdar-Rahman

Give My Love to Dad & the Dog by Lauren Cooper 

Moving Day by Dani Kennedy & Tilly Upton

Big Gay Liar by Charlotte Frost

Hildegard by Michelle Payne  

To Have & To Hold by Michelle Payne

For show times and more details visit 

Past Productions: Performances

Titus Andronicus

16 – 20 November 2021

A punchy reimagining of Shakespeare’s most brutal tragedy. This pacey, modern Titus explores the dangers of revenge and how it can twist the intentions of everyone it touches. Watch as this political dance descends into bloodshed and despair.

Titus follows the story of a war veteran who, having lost 21 sons in battle, returns to a Rome that betrays rather than celebrates his achievements. A series of bloody events unfold as he and Tamora, Queen of the Goths, begin a violent cycle of revenge.

Playing time: 90 mins

Content warning: Contains extreme violence and depictions of sexual assault.

Past Productions: Performances
Maryland for website.png

Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood

11 - 13 November 2021

Kibo Productions is proud to invite you to script-in-hand readings of Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood on 11 - 13 November at the Barons Court Theatre.

Maryland premiered at the Royal Court this October and was written following the murder of Sabina Nessa and the rape and murder of Sarah Everard. The readings are part of a UK-wide effort to amplify the reach of the work to those unable to attend the readings at the Royal Court Theatre.

Past Productions: Performances

after Max Frisch

26 October - 7 November 2021

Theatre Collection and ART-VIC produced this atmospheric adaptation of Max Frisch’s classic novel. Dr. Felix Schaad is haunted by the memories of his dead ex-wife Rozalind in this haunting tale of sexual obsession.

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