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A Christmas Carol

7 - 24 December 2022

“Marley was dead… to begin with.”

Join Ebenezer Scrooge as he journeys into the past, present, and yet-to-come on a supernatural journey to redemption. Watch with delight as the atmosphere of Victorian London is brought to life and the ghosts of Christmas return from the dead – all through the spellbinding art of storytelling in this thrilling solo show.

After the phenomenal success of national tours of Shivers and Upon the Stair, The Book of Darkness & Light returns with this haunting adaptation of the most famous festive ghost story ever written.

Reboot 2_for insta _new dates_W3-2_edited_edited.jpg

Reboot Festival 2

18 - 29 October 2022
29 November - 3 December 7.30 pm

The Reboot Festival returned to Barons Court for three weeks to showcase some of the most exciting emerging writers from around the world.

Each week featured a different line up of new writing gems. 

There was truly something for everyone in these funny and heartbreaking gems of new writing. 

Full line up here.

Performance Dates:

Week 1 performances: 18 - 25 October

Week 2 performances: 25 - 29 October

Week 3 performances: 29 November - 3 December


My Dad Wears a Dress

22 - 26 November 2022

A one-woman show about growing up with a transgender dad: the highs, the lows and the heels!

Based on real life, "My Dad Wears A Dress" follows a girl's journey, from childhood to youth, navigating a world in which all the dads she knows are men.

Filled with hilarious tales from her school days (from toilet mishaps to failed Valentine's Day confessions), it shows the difficulties of fitting in as a young person and the fears we feel about being labeled “outside the box”. Brimming with life and sincerity, the play challenges a world of heteronormative values, from the struggles of buying a Fathers’ Day card to the questions raised describing one’s family in a French lesson. “My Dad Wears A Dress” is a celebration of difference and acceptance. Suitable for all audiences enjoy a fun, zany show that asks what it means to have a "normal family"

Praise for Maria Telnikoff:

**** Lost in Theatreland

**** Pink Prince Theatre

**** West End Evenings

Henry IV poster & flyer Final_LR-1.png

Henry IV

15-19 November 2022

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

Henry IV is a story of power, honour and rebellion. The king has the weight of the world on his shoulders. All he wants is a united kingdom, and to take his army to the Holy Land - Jerusalem. But he’s being held back by issues closer to home - the rebelling nobleman who helped him to the throne and his wayward son, Hal. Can he get his home and country in order so that he can fulfil his destiny? Loosely based on true history, this new version of Shakespeare’s Henry IV by KDC Theatre has been adapted from the two plays that normally tell the story of this noble and troubled king.


A Butcher of Distinction

1-12 November 2022

I provided him with things money can’t buy. And now he’s left me the most priceless gift of all. His most precious possessions.

Two orphaned twins are forced out of the rural wilderness they know and into a bleak, brutal London that they don’t. Seeking refuge in a dank pub basement, they begin to plan their escape, only to find themselves locked in a nightmarish battle with a grieving stranger over their dead father’s sordid legacy. 

Just a Regular House's production of this Rob Hayes play was highly successful, ending up with 2 5-star reviews, 2 Offies nominations, and one Standing Ovation nomination.


Written by: Rob Hayes

Director: Macadie Amoroso

Designer: Laura Mugford

Produced by: Just a Regular House


Connor McCrory

Joseph Ryan-Hughes

Ethan Reid

A Butcher of Distinction was first performed at The Cock Tavern Theatre, London on the 3rd April 2011.

This production has been licensed by arrangement with The Agency (London) Ltd, 24 Pottery Lane, London W11 4LZ.


***** Broadway Baby

***** Jack the Lad Magazine

**** Close-up Culture

**** London Pub Theatres


Bubbles Show For Adults Only

20 - 24 September 2022

Mix part physical theatre, part bubble artistry and one part neo-burlesque, and you get a soapy concoction of kinky, in-your-face theatrics. A raucous and raunchy affair with a surprising story arc full of abstractness and the slightly grotesque, a surreal performative experience that wonderfully showcases the technical prowess of Bubble Artistry.

Bubble Laboratory is a five star reviewed, award nominated theatre company that creates bubble performances for theatre stage, film and TV, having as main focus innovation and theatrical development of the art of bubbles.

Every year Bubble Show For Adults Only travels all over the world sharing love, fun and joy with bubble artistry.

Cast: Iulia Benze, Kurt Murray

Lighting Design: Jason Bovaird

Everything Theatre

London Pub Theatres

Lost in Theatreland

Sardines Magazine

The Reviews Hub

The Sea Between_edited.jpg

The Sea Between by Demi Leigh

30 August - 17 September 2022

I want this to work. Babe. Nothing left unsaid. No room for misunderstandings. Promise?

The play follows the relationship of Ginny and Mike. After a chance meeting one Halloween, Ginny lets herself get spirited away, in the name of love. In the name of ambition.

Ginny’s journey is eerily similar to the voyage of another Iphigenia, some 3000 years earlier, following the promise of marriage all the way to the steps of the altar. In the war of love, who wields the sacrificial knife?

Directed by Vittorio Parri

Starring Matthew Kay & Demi Leigh

Artwork by Jevgenija Kuznecova

****West End Evenings

Flumps A4.png

Flumps by Emma Pallett

24 - 28 August 2022

An extravaganza of noughties beats, dark comedy & a hint of problematic puppetry, FLUMPS is boldly bursting with wacky plot twists and eccentric realities.

Our hysterical yet heroic siblings, Harvey (13) and Felicity (8), find themselves spending an

extraordinary, Tracy Beaker-like summer of freedom after their mum’s disappearance.

Will our comedic duo find satisfaction in a life of cushioned fantasy or will their ill-obtained furry friends lead them into catastrophic calamity?







Please be advised this production contains: references to drug and alcohol abuse, references to death, references to social services, swearing, and strong language. This production is intended for a 12 + audience.

Paul Wady_George Steeves Poster_v2 (1).png

ND Double Bill: Paul Wady and George Steeves

26-30 July 2022

Paul Wady: Guerilla Autistics Year 8

Guerilla Autistics (formerly Aspies) returns with a new format.  The audience controls Paul Wady.  Select from a menu the things you would like to hear, and add some in if you feel like it.  Neurodiversity, autism, late diagnosis, growing up undiagnosed, coming out as neurodivergent at 41, what do these terms mean and how do you have a marriage on the basis of what used to be called a psychiatric disorder?

Paul Wady is recognized as at the front of the global Neurodiversity Movement and has the abuse online to prove it. He has spent his life post-diagnosis training around the UK for a major autism charity and has performed his interactive feedback shows around the world.  He has been performing shows since he was 18 and was even kicked out of East 15 drama school once.  As a Buddhist he can only give you love.  Can you return that to him?  

George Steeves: Love & Sex on the Spectrum

An atypical romantic comedy, that explores all of the awkward firsts that come with dating, sex, and love from a late bloomer’s perspective. Being on the autism spectrum is challenging enough, now add dating to the mix. There’s quite a learning curve. All the lessons and laughs, along with the do’s and don’ts, on how to be your most authentic self, and to truly love yourself at the end of the day.

George Steeves is a Los Angeles-based gay autistic actor whose previous show, Magic 8 Ball won multiple awards and was a Pick of the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018. Love & Sex on the Spectrum, received the Best of Solofest 2022 award. This was the very first time George performed in London.

The Light from below_lineup_v3-2.png

The Light From Below: Stories from Ukrainian Basements

12 - 16 July 2022

Following our recent Peace Readings: Fundraiser for Ukraine this April, Kibo Productions is proud to amplify Ukrainian voices with this double-bill of newly translated, world premiere plays The Light From Below: Stories from Ukrainian Basements at Barons Court Theatre.

Each play tells the story of hope and heartache in times of war from the perspective of those living through it, created by a Ukrainian refugee-led group of theatre makers.

Save the Light by Polina Pologenceva: The true story of a woman and her child fleeing the war in Ukraine in spring 2022. Told with humour and humanity, Polina’s story offers a unique insight into life as a refugee in a way not seen on the news.

Fox, Dark as a Light Night by Andriy Bondarenko: a deeply poetic dreamplay about a lonely refugee from the 2014 war in Donbass, Igor, living in a basement and teaching Japanese online. He desperately looks for redemption and happiness, but struggles with traumatic visions from the past.

The plays will be performed in English.

Cast: Shirley Both, Dean Coffey, Valeriia Poholsha, Ana Weaver

Directors: Anastazie Toros and Bogdana Orleanova

Dramaturg: Sharon Willems

Translation: John Farndon

Producer: Kibo Productions

Doubtful Sounds.jpeg

The Woman Who Eats Babies

5 - 9 July 2022

The Woman Who Eats Babies And other tales from Yamanashi.

Architects inspired by a bridge of monkeys, cursed women licking the sick, a shop keeper who hates the number four, adulterous housewives, arguing mountains, and a grave digging, dead-baby-eating woman - these are the tales of the merchant centre of Yamanashi.

Translated, written and performed by Doubtful Sound. 

Music by Yui Shikakura and others.

Stories originally from: 'Kai Folktales' collated by Rikki Tsuchihashi; 'Zenkoku Folktales Volume 16 - Yamanashi Collection'

For The Woman Who Eats Babies, Doubtful Sound are:

Shinako Wakatsuki (Actor/translation) Gavin Harrington-Odedra (actor) Andrew Wakatsuki-Robinson (Writer/Director)

This show was made possible with help from the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

Read a review here.

LTB Poster Black Band.png

Love (to) Bits by Ioana Goga

7-25 June 2022

Love (To) Bits is a seriously comedic drama or kind of a dramatic comedy, however you choose to look at it, there will be laughter… and some tears. Think of it as if Bridget Jones and Fleabag had a love child. How could you resist that?! The show incorporates verbatim theatre and Brechtian elements. The play is comprised of two story arcs. The main arc focuses on the romantic life of the lead character, Cynthia, who just loves love, but can't quite seem to ever get it right. The secondary one showcases different people’s verbatim answers to the age old question “What is love?”. The two are perpetually intertwined.


Faustus the Damned

30 May - 4 June 2022

Would you sell your soul for quick and easy success? Or make a deal with the devil for that winning lottery ticket? But could you handle the true cost of your wish? Faustus decides to make this ultimate gamble so she can finally have the life of her dreams that's been denied her all her life. And it's all going to be alright, isn't it?


Edina Hadley - Faustus

Iulia Pal - Mephistopheles

Elliot Beau - Wagner

Millie Wilkie - Clown/Pope/Angel

Lil Marlowe - himself

More here

Read a review here.

Papercuts Poster_banner.png

A Thousand Papercuts still Skin Deep

23-28 May 2022

2 timelines, 2 cities, and 4 queer friends.

1 anonymous hookup, 1 ex-(platonic)-girlfriend, 1 potential boyfriend, and 1,000 paper cuts that hurt way much more than they appear to - they cut deep into your soul where nobody can see.

A Thousand Papercuts Still Skin Deep is a raw but tender play that dissects and attempts to heal queer angst and relationships with a dash of offbeat humour.

Written by Hector T.J. Huang, directed by Tianxin Tian, and featuring an East-Asian all-LGBT+ cast:

Jun-Hwei: Andy Liu
River/ANON B: Lisa Maeda
A-Wen/Al: Kyle Ogata
Ming/Margo: Haoyu Wang

An Irrelevant Theatre production in collaboration with Vibrant Productions and Kibo Productions

Read a review here

Freehold for website_Whats on_Gerrie v1.png

Freehold by Roger Goldsmith

17 - 21 May 2022

'Sometimes you knock on the wrong door but the right person answers it.'

John lives a quiet life alone in Portsmouth when into his life bursts Mavis, a ball of energy and excitement who wishes to purchase the flat upstairs.

Over the course of an afternoon can these two unlikely companions find a connection? Is chocolate better than sex? And can the sins of the past be forgiven?

Freehold is a comedy-drama about chocolate, gin, Dutch bicycles and haunted pasts written by Roger Goldsmith and directed by Alexander HJ Smith.

Read a review here

Ukraine Play Readings for Insta_Twitter v2-2.png

Peace Readings: Fundraiser for Ukraine

26 - 30 April 2022


Kibo Productions and Barons Court Theatre welcomed you to our week-long fundraiser for Ukraine.

The Peace Readings featured readings of new work from Ukrainian playwrights Natal’ya Vorozhbit (Bad Roads, Royal Court Theatre) and Olga Braga (Off West End 2019 Adopt A Playwright Award).

Also showcasing the shortlist from the Monologues for Ukraine fundraising initiative, poems and protest plays from writers from across the world, and stories from volunteers on the Ukraine-Romanian border.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to both NGO Red Cross Ukraine and Medicine for Ukraine.

The schedule for the week can be found here.

nb. Saturday 30 April will also feature a reading of The Scholarship by Dr Cristina Bejan and James Brunt as well as a screening of the complete Monologue for Ukraine shortlist in the afternoon from 3:00pm. Tickets for this are listed separately so we can manage our covid-safety protocols; however, anyone who buys a ticket to the afternoon session would be welcome to attend the evening session, so long as the evening session is not sold out.

Maybe I do_Poster_corrected (Instagram Post).png

Maybe I Do?

by Cova Camblor

12 - 23 April 2022

Meet Carmen, a Spanish girl living in London, that decides to marry an English guy named Steve. . .over Zoom.

But Carmen is in love with Stuart. Who is not Steve . . .and not on zoom.

Why is she doing this? Where is her priest? Why is she playing the ukulele? Will her zoom groom ever join the call?

Maybe I Do? is a one-woman comedy about love, lust and. . . language barriers between people.

Written and Starring: Covadonga Camblor

Directed by: Anca Nana Vaida

Each night of Maybe I Do? was hosted by Gabby Oligram and featured a performance from an exciting emerging comedian.






Read a review here

Dastardly (Leaflet).jpeg

Dastardly News

4 - 10 April, various times

Comedy plays Old News and The Dastardly Murder of the Chocolate Soufflé make up a double bill full of mischief, misunderstandings and just plain old mayhem.

Learn more here

RIH poster.jpg

The Real Inspector Hound

29 March - 2 April 2022

As the fog rolls in on Muldoon Manor, the guests – preoccupied with love affairs and card games - hear news of an escaped convict, who may already be in their midst. They are watched over by two theatre critics - one composing pompous reviews and lamenting his own lack of spotlight, the other ogling the actresses and eating chocolates. When Inspector Hound arrives on the scene to solve the mystery, the boundary between art and real life begins to fall away.


Moon — Julian Guassardo

Birdboot — Ben Harris

Mrs Drudge — Anna Kretschmer

Cynthia Muldoon — Steph Farrell

Felicity Cunningham — Izzy Boreham

Major Magnus — Omar Aga Inspector

Hound — Mickey Gibbons

Simon Gascoyne — Neeraj Thakrar

Directed by Anna Markland and Dean Reilly

Sts 2.0 poster v2 (Instagram Post).png

Scratching the Surface 2.0

15 - 19 March

Two years ago, we were teching Scratch the Surface when Boris announced the first lockdown.
Now, two years to the date, we bring your the orginal lineup of plays with largley the same teams.
More here

Dee Riley.jpeg

BC Lates - Dee Riley

25 February 2022
9:00pm, £15

West End magician Dee Riley comes to the Barons Court Theatre this February as part of our new late-night programming.

NeuroSpace Barons Court Feb 22 poster 3_edited.jpg

Welcome to the Neurospace

22 - 26 February 2022
7:00pm £15 / £10

Theatre showcase featuring neurodivergent artists and their work.

Learn more here.


Ducks by Hannah Kennedy

15 - 19 February 2022
7:30pm £15 / £10

Ducks is a heartfelt story of mental health and grief that follows duck enthusiast, Lucie. Love and memory intertwine as Lucie attempts to make sense of all she discovers. 

Learn more here.

Produced by Kibo Productions

Post-show Q&A on 16 February

Past Productions: Performances

2021 Reopening Season

Radek Hoffman

Me, Myself & Secrets

14 - 18 December 2021

Past Productions: Performances
SAVI website 1.png

Emerging Artists Festival

22 - 27 November 2021

Savi Arts x Richard Swann present Emerging Artist Festival 

The Emerging Artist Festival features work-in-progress projects and showcases emerging actors. 

The programme includes:

Lions in the Lilypads by Romo Sikdar-Rahman

Give My Love to Dad & the Dog by Lauren Cooper 

Moving Day by Dani Kennedy & Tilly Upton

Big Gay Liar by Charlotte Frost

Hildegard by Michelle Payne  

To Have & To Hold by Michelle Payne

For show times and more details visit 

Past Productions: Performances

Titus Andronicus

16 – 20 November 2021

A punchy reimagining of Shakespeare’s most brutal tragedy. This pacey, modern Titus explores the dangers of revenge and how it can twist the intentions of everyone it touches. Watch as this political dance descends into bloodshed and despair.

Titus follows the story of a war veteran who, having lost 21 sons in battle, returns to a Rome that betrays rather than celebrates his achievements. A series of bloody events unfold as he and Tamora, Queen of the Goths, begin a violent cycle of revenge.

Playing time: 90 mins

Content warning: Contains extreme violence and depictions of sexual assault.

Past Productions: Performances
Maryland for website.png

Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood

11 - 13 November 2021

Kibo Productions is proud to invite you to script-in-hand readings of Maryland by Lucy Kirkwood on 11 - 13 November at the Barons Court Theatre.

Maryland premiered at the Royal Court this October and was written following the murder of Sabina Nessa and the rape and murder of Sarah Everard. The readings are part of a UK-wide effort to amplify the reach of the work to those unable to attend the readings at the Royal Court Theatre.

Past Productions: Performances

after Max Frisch

26 October - 7 November 2021

Theatre Collection and ART-VIC produced this atmospheric adaptation of Max Frisch’s classic novel. Dr. Felix Schaad is haunted by the memories of his dead ex-wife Rozalind in this haunting tale of sexual obsession.

Past Productions: Tickets
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