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Relational Improv: A One Day Workshop

17 March 2024, 11 am - 5.30 pm

Relational Improv: A One-Day Workshop

This Relational Improv workshop is for everyone interested in growing their emotional intuition to create deeper, more meaningful relationships on and off stage.

Improv Fusion
It blends improv with Viewpoints and Meisner Technique to go deeper into improvised relationships for performance. Viewpoints and Meisner Technique are influential training methods from the world of acting that focus on perspective and emotional authenticity. Improv is spontaneous, unscripted theatre.

All levels welcome
The Relational approach to improv introduces a unique perspective. Instead of relying on quick wit, we emphasize playing from the heart, and always with authenticity. This makes it pretty much an even playing field for those with more improv/acting experience and those with less, or even none. We immerse ourselves in dialogue that focuses on emotional dynamics. No need to be clever or funny, emotional vulnerability is our challenge.

The Training
Participants will engage in exercises designed to heighten awareness of physical presence, emotional dynamics, and emotional connection. This foundation paves the way for an exploration into improvising authentic characters in scenes.

For the Actor
Actors develop deep listening skills, tuning into not just words but also the subtext and emotions underlying dialogue. Relational Improv also sharpens their ability to be fully present with scene partners, fostering spontaneity, emotional connection, and truthful responses. Performers can broaden their expressive range, resulting in more nuanced, relatable, and impactful performances.

Personal Development
By exploring different aspects of the human condition through your character, you engage in a form of self-discovery and expression. This process can lead to personal growth, increased empathy, and a deeper understanding of oneself and others. The challenge of authentically embodying a character can be profoundly satisfying, offering insights into your own emotions, responses, and vulnerabilities.

Comfort and Boundaries
This method encourages performers to lean into emotional exposure, navigating scenes that juxtapose conflict and connection, discord, and harmony. You'll receive structured guidance, along with individualized feedback and support. While expanding your comfort zone is encouraged, setting and respecting your personal boundaries is equally prioritized for an optimal learning experience.

Learn How To:
• Be inspired by the non-verbal 
• Improvise dialogue naturally rich in subtext that fully engages your scene partner and audience 
• Create compelling opening offers 
• Let story emerge organically from behaviour... no need to invent
• Express playfully, freely and authentically 

Additional Skills
- Playing from the heart
- Being in the moment 
- Emotional connection
- Vulnerability practice
- Relationship communication
- Authenticity in performance
- Deep listening 
- Personal Growth

MAX 10 Participants

Teacher Bio
Matt Sparkes is a seasoned professional in the performing arts, with a strong foundation in three contemporary acting techniques; Improvisation, Viewpoints, and the Meisner Technique. His approach to teaching these disciplines is deeply rooted in the principles of spontaneity, physical and emotional awareness, and genuine emotional engagement. Sparkes has developed a unique method that combines the most effective elements of his training into a comprehensive approach to acting, improvisation, and personal development. This innovative method serves as an ideal starting point for beginners and provides profound insights for more experienced individuals. It is crafted to benefit not only actors but also anyone interested in personal growth. Sparkes' educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Buckingham University, obtained in 2015. His training in the performing arts is extensive and varied, having studied Viewpoints under David Razowsky and Ned Bennett, Meisner Technique with Actors East and Kate Maravan, among others, and improvisation at the Nursery Theatre, Hoopla, Free Association, with Will Luera and numerous additional instructors. He has regularly showcased his talent at London's premier improv theatre, bringing his expertise and passion for the performing arts to the stage. Sparkes is enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience through workshops, aiming to inspire and educate others in the realms of acting, improvisation, and self-improvement.


'The workshop offered a supportive atmosphere for emotional exploration in improv, with well-paced activities that didn't feel exhausting, standing out from typical comedy-focused sessions.' 

'Hugely enjoyable!  Matt is amazing at running the sessions!'

'An experienced and committed practitioner, in his element.' 

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