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Faustus the Damned after Christopher Marlowe

30 May - 4 June 2022

Would you sell your soul for quick and easy success? Or make a deal with the devil for that winning lottery ticket? But could you handle the true cost of your wish? Faustus decides to make this ultimate gamble so she can finally have the life of her dreams that's been denied her all her life. And it's all going to be alright, isn't it?

A play full of horror and comedy, Marlowe's FAUSTUS THE DAMNED is a new abridged adaptation by Harry Fitzpatrick of the classic play Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe.


Edina Hadley - Faustus
Iulia Pal - Mephistopheles
Elliot Beau - Wagner
Millie Wilkie - Clown/Pope/Angel
Lil Marlowe - himself

Produced by Temporal Horizons Theatre

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