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The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard

29 March - 2 April 2022

As the fog rolls in on Muldoon Manor, the guests – preoccupied with love affairs and card games - hear news of an escaped convict, who may already be in their midst. They are watched over by two theatre critics - one composing pompous reviews and lamenting his own lack of spotlight, the other ogling the actresses and eating chocolates. When Inspector Hound arrives on the scene to solve the mystery, the boundary between art and real life begins to fall away.

Cast List:

Moon — Julian Guassardo
Birdboot — Ben Harris
Mrs Drudge — Anna Kretschmer
Cynthia Muldoon — Steph Farrell
Felicity Cunningham — Izzy Boreham
Major Magnus — Omar Aga
Inspector Hound — Mickey Gibbons
Simon Gascoyne — Neeraj Thakrar

Directed by Anna Markland and Dean Reilly

Dastardly (Leaflet).jpeg
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