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A Woman on Fire by Sarah Majland

7 - 11 November 2023

What would happen if you just lit a match and put your whole life on fire?

Harper has everything - she is an aspiring writer, she has a husband who loves her, a big house, and a beautiful daughter. But it doesn’t take much digging under the surface to realize that something is rotten.

Set in the late 1950s, A Woman On Fire is a thrilling four-hander that follows a young woman struggling with addiction and depression as a consequence of untreated postpartum depression. With her husband finding himself tangled in a forbidden relationship with another man and on the brink of leaving, Therese, the family’s nanny, seems to be the only hope. But people have their own agendas and you have to be careful who you trust.

Sarah Majland as Harper
Boyan Petrov as Mark
Öncel Camcı as Oliver
Chloe Winney as Therese

Directed by: Casper Aagaard
Written by: Sarah Majland

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Reviews for A Woman on Fire


A bold production that captures the distress of some complex themes in a captivating fashion


this is a powerful piece of theatre

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