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All's Well that Ends by Andreea Tanase

17 - 21 October 2023

'Do you remember the day you got married?

Did you make promises to each other? So did we. We made a lot of promises . . . Did you see them through?'

You’re invited to the divorce party of Daria and Radu, two of your close friends who are splitting up.

Together, we’ll toast to what was and could have been as we follow their investigation into where love was lost. But will going back through their time together divide them even further, or will memories of the good times make them question their choice?

Witty and fast-paced, All’s Well That Ends is a darkly comedic, forensic journey into the romantic failures of our once happy couple.

Join us for their last hurrah in all its beautiful, awkward glory.

Cast: Nico Marica, Gerardo Cabal
Directed by Leo Bacica

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Reviews for All's Well that Ends


fantastically cast and beautifully set


outrageously entertaining

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