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fell by Chris Salt

2 - 7 October 2023

Troubled schoolboy Lyle walks out of his life and up into the mountains of the Lake District. On the edge of a mountain lake, he meets Jake, whose life is as far removed from Lyle’s as possible. Over the course of 24 hours, Lyle and Jake chip away at each other until they are no longer sure who they really are or what the future holds for them. At the mercy of the elements, all they have is each other.

Chris Salt's play fell is a compelling and moving story of two young, funny, sensitive lads trapped by the poverty of hope and facing the challenges of friendship whilst growing up as a young adult in a rural community.

“'fell' is a gift from heaven ... The script is so tight. Each word counting to bringing humour and drama to situations which are upsetting and very real." (North West End)

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Reviews for fell


Sharp, profound and genuinely relatable in spite of its extremeness, Fell has actually risen up as one of the most haunting, thought-provoking plays fringe theatre has to offer during the season so far.


Above all is the commanding & confident script of Chris Salt

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