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Laika by Aliya Gilmore

20 -24 June 2023


A thousand miles above the mighty USSR.

Last recorded transmission from the burning Sputnik 2.

'She melts you know. The snowchild. She melts...'

Laika is trapped in a cardboard box, hurtling at 18,000mph into the unknown perils of space. But she isn't alone - the walls bend as she fills her square world with stories of wondrous planets made of fire, smoke and ash. Featuring live music, physical theatre and cutting-edge tech, Gilmore's story takes us on the final hours of Laika's infamous voyage, celebrating the soul who was the first to dance among the stars.

Isabel McGrady
Ben Willows

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Reviews for Laika


"Laika” is a poignant and thought-provoking production that effortlessly transcends the boundaries of language and species.


the journey, the performances, impressive staging and enveloping soundscape manage to immerse the audience across the hour runtime.

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