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Morveren by Kate Webster

17 - 28 January 2023

Ambitious banker Keren is determined to make her mark. In a male-dominated industry, she’s learned that the way to get ahead is to speak loudly, strut your stuff, and sell sell sell. But the siren’s song is calling her name, drawing her back to her roots.

Meanwhile, Keren’s grandmother Morwen knows it’s time to pass down her wisdom, knowledge and place in her grieving community. Inheriting the village’s leadership was never part of Keren’s plan, but her daughter, mermaid-obsessed Ellie, loves it here.

Drawing on Cornish mythology, Morveren is centered around a hidden coastal village where women make the rules and no one has to shout to be heard. Using theatrical magic and a digital choir to imagine an alternative way of living, Morveren is a celebration of community and a coming of age for three generations of women.

Directed by Lou Corben
Cast: Charlotte Blandford, Aysha Niwaz, Alessandra Perotto

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Reviews for Morveren


a curious and intriguing tale, brought to life by committed and convincing actors.


With great characters, who shone in their individual roles, Morveren is a heart-warming family play, emphasising the value of having a community, forming family bonds and womanhood.

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