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Reboot Festival 3 Kibo Productions

5 -23 September 2023

Week 1 (5-9 September):
Little Black Dress by John Mabey, directed by Pamela Farrugia
Closing Doors by John Minigan, directed by Sharon Willems
Just Nod by Anna Clart, directed by Vittorio Parri
Bound Set by Stephen Dierkes, directed by Sebastiao Marques Lopes
My Ghost by Nina Tolstoy, directed by Jagoda Kamov
The Dating Pool by Arianna Rose, directed by Hannah Gooden

Week 2 (12-16 September):
The Dying Speech of a Living Legend by Daniel Connelly, directed by Anna Clart
Spark by Siân Rowland, directed by Isabella Forshaw
Road Trip by Katherine Vondy, directed by Chelsea Sheldon
Things Unsaid by Raegan Payne, directed by Ed Hulme

Week 3 (19-23 Sptember):
Two Girls by Allie Costa, directed by Beth Graham
The Will of the People by Andrew Allen, directed by Amalia Kontesi
Nil by Sea by Katie Pollock, directed by Estrella Mabika
The Chronicles by Anna Halas, directed by Josh Hinds
Drawing under the Microscope by Janine Sobeck Knighton, directed by Leo Bacica
Like Clockwork by Andrada Anglieri, directed by David Frias-Roblas
The Lock by Katherine Swan, directed by Sharon Willems

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Reviews for Reboot Festival 3


an innovative line-up of short plays that are varied and unique.


With what’s undoubtedly a great display of pure new talent, the Reboot Festival has drawn out laughter, entertainment and a bit of soul-searching through a carousel of, in general, relatable accounts.

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