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Slippery When Wet by Leanne Devlin

22 August -2 September 2023

“I didn’t expect Love to show up,
At my dreary new job.
If we made eye contact I might explode.
Cleanup in aisle four.”

Getting a grip on love, life and everything is tricky, and just when she thinks she’s got a firm footing, Love unexpectedly slides into her…workplace! This makes for a slippery love story, with slippery floors and a very slippery vagina. Does she abandon her lifelong dreams to swim in the balmy waters of Love?

Slippery When Wet is a one-woman show written and performed by Leanne Devlin. Witty, wistful, and gushing with emotion, this story is a reminder that you can only really jump into love when you have both your feet firmly planted on the ground.

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Reviews for Slippery When Wet


Slippery when wet is an entertaining insight into the life of a young woman, that showcases writer and performer Leanne Devlin’s natural talent for comedic writing and acting.


An outrageously funny and transparent piece of new writing

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