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So... You Knew? by Bartolomeo Bartolini

11 - 15 July 2023

“...we have already done more than Greenpeace ever will to reduce emissions.” - Lee Raymond, ExxonMobil CEO until 2005

So… You Knew? is a gripping physical theatre drama that follows the life of Willie, a young scientist who discovers the truth about climate change back in 1982 while working for EcsonWobil (sounds familiar?).

The show takes us on a journey through Willie's life until 2023, as he battles with his conscience and his desire for financial stability, while also facing pressure from his colleagues and bosses to suppress his findings.

Drawing from real people, real statements and advertising from the fossil fuel industry and real scientific evidence, this compelling story is made up of hundreds of hours of research and hundreads of hours of having fun with it.

This high-energy, inspiring one-man show So… You Knew? immerses the audience in a dynamic and multi-sensory experience, utilising projections, sound effects, and compelling video footage to create a truly engaging and memorable performance.

Willie's story makes us wonder “what would you do if you discovered a truth that threatened everything you knew?”. Join us for an unforgettable exploration of one man's struggle to do the right thing, while doing all the wrong things.

Performer: Bartolomeo Bartolini
Director: Maria Cristina Petitti
Technician: Alice Catanzaro

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Reviews for So... You Knew?


a funny, entertaining show and Bartolini has proven he is quite the magician.


it deals with an important – and some would argue THE most important – issue of our time.

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