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Totally Trucked by Katie Damer

9 - 13 May 2023

“In a world so full of hate, misunderstanding, and separation, we as people find love. It’s what gets us through, isn’t it? Love is how we survive.”

Growing up is hard enough, but when disaster strikes for Katie in the form of a ten-tonne truck, there is a whole other world of problems she has to deal with.

Totally Trucked is a rollercoaster of a one-woman show written and performed by Katie Damer. Heartbreaking, hilarious, and incredibly raw, this unique story is an astounding reminder of human strength and the power of holding out hope.

Creative team:

Katie Damer (Writer and performer)
Naseem Partington (Producer)
Kirsti Burch (Marketing Liason)

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Reviews for Totally Trucked


I admire her courage in sharing such a personal story and would love to see it flourish in future iterations.


Damer explores the physical and mental after effects of such a life-changing event, which leads into some interesting anecdotes and messages from her own struggles with mental health as well as those around her.

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