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Trumpets and Raspberries by Dario Fo

18 April - 6 May 2023

TRUMPETS & RASPBERRIES (Clacson, Trombette e Pernacchi) By DARIO FO, Nobel Prize Winner.

A madcap political satire and farce about corruption and hypocrisy in high places and the plight of the common man versus the rich elites and the too-powerful corporations and institutions. Set in politically turbulent 1980s Italy, Antonio is a downtrodden shop steward at the Fiat Factory where Gianni Agnelli is the conceited, fabulously wealthy, famous boss.

During a bungled kidnap attempt of Agnelli, presumed to be by Left-wing terrorists, Antonio an innocent bystander, saves him without realizing who he is. The hospital treating Agnelli,
together with the authorities, believes their severely disfigured patient to be Antonio, and that he is one of the terrorists involved in the kidnap. It is a case of mistaken identity and absolute mayhem ensues in true Fo style!

Cast: Alex Smith, Barbra Dunin, Simon Allder, Hannah Dormor, Leyon Stolz Hunter, Dorota Krimmel, Yasir Senna, Ian Crosson, Thea Rubina
Directed by Gerrie Skeens

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Reviews for Trumpets and Raspberries


the production at its strongest with its lead performances, particularly that of Hannah Dormor, who shows such polished confidence and skill with comedy in her role as Rosa that it is difficult to believe she is still training.

A complete farce, and not the one Fo intended

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