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We are Monsters x Glass by Just a Regular House

24 October - 4 November 2023

“This isn’t… how the story goes.”

Caitlyn and Kyle enjoy playing pranks and scaring campers on Lake Windermere, but their harmless fun turns into trouble when they’re tracked down by a nearby ghost-whisperer in ‘We Are Monsters.’

Upon the ninth floor of a skyscraper on Halloween night, a terrified Brody Jenkins receives an ominous phone call from a stranger on a broken-down train, in ‘Glass’.

Directed by:
Zach Wyatt

Designed by:
Laura Mugford

Joseph Ryan-Hughes
Laura Mugford
Moses Alexander
in 'We Are Monsters'

Connor McCrory
in 'Glass'

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Reviews for We are Monsters x Glass


With both shows directed by Zach Wyatt, We Are Monsters and Glass rely on shrewd, attention-gripping concepts that also serve as a kind homage to some of the icons that have given shape to the [thriller] genre.


Moody and macabre, these stories invite you to look at your reflection and dare you not to turn away.

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