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180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester

20 - 24 February 2024

You’re the pride of the police force. Your conviction rates are unbelievable. You’re so ruthless and unethical; some say you’re like a criminal yourself. And there’s no fate or consequence for you, just facts. But what happens when they both unexpectedly come calling one afternoon? One moment you’re a detective sergeant and the next, a convicted murderer. Then due to an administration ‘error’, you end up in the very same maximum-security prison you sent most of your scalps to. So what then? As soon as the news of your arrival at the prison spreads, the riot starts and they come looking for you. As the prisoners begin their rampage, a fellow inmate, Connor hides you in his cell. Together you flee and hide from the gang in various parts of the prison as they frantically seek you out. But who is Connor and why is he protecting you exactly? The reason will soon become abundantly clear as your past life now comes back to haunt you.

All ticket sales are non-refundable.

In exceptional circumstances, we might be able to exchange your ticket for another performance.

Late entry cannot be guaranteed; Latecomers are admitted at the discretion of the visiting company and show with everyone's best experience in mind.  

If you would like to request an exchange or a refund, please write to

Audience reactions:


“It was fantastic, brilliant story and the 2 actors were tremendous”

“Very powerful and emotional play. The acting was very good”

“A well acted performance. Excellent story - great drama”

“Very good story, delivered by two fantastic actors”

“Amazing acting & emotions”

“Acting very good, we’ll produced”

“The actors were amazing. The scenery and props were minimal but the play didn’t need anything other than the actors, they were captivating”

“We loved the intensity of the performance”

“Gripping acting”

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