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Ducks by Hannah Kennedy

15 - 19 February 2022

"Ducks is a heartfelt story of love and loss that follows duck enthusiast, Lucie. When Lucie is asked by her therapist friend, Ed, to talk about her life, she finds herself gravitating to discussions about her ex partner, Jem. Over the course of their sessions, she digs deeper into the past and her thoughts surrounding her relationship with Jem are thrown into question.

Emerging playwright Hannah Kennedy returns to the Barons Court Theatre with the world premiere of Ducks, an uncompromising look into the challenges of loving and being loved while living with anxiety and depression.

Performed by an exciting ensemble of emerging talents, Ducks explores both the beauty and fragility of love as Lucie attempts to make sense of all she uncovers and find her way through her grief.​

Cast: May López, Phoebe Cresswell, Joe Bonfield

Writer: Hannah Kennedy
Director: Afton Aitkenhead
Producer: Sharon Willems"

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