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At Birth by Thalia Kane and Ty Autry

16 - 20 May 2023

What could possibly go wrong when one drunken night Anna, very gay, and Isaac, very very gay, have sex to heal from a breakup? What follows is a journey covering themes of queer families, abortion rights in the South, and the pursuit of building community, no matter how untypical. This queer dark comedy navigates blurred family lines, friendship, and dealing with the unexpected consequences life can throw at a person.

At Birth is written, performed, and designed by Ty Autry (A Southern Fairytale) a genderqueer Southern creative, and Thalia Gonzalez Kane (A Drunk Lesbian Love Affair) a queer, Ecuadorian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, and theatre scholar. Collectively, they've performed in North America, Australia, and Europe numerous times, garnering multiple awards and critical acclaim for their work on elevating queer voices.

Directing the production is Atlanta-based, award-winning director Melissa Foulger (Artistic Director, DramaTech). Rounding out the creative team is Intimacy Director, Monty Davis (Atlanta-based fight and intimacy choreographer) and Dramaturge, Kat Sandler (Toronto-based award-winning playwright and screenwriter).

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Reviews for At Birth


Thought-provoking, deep and superbly acted, it deserves more than a five-night run at the perfectly formed Barons Court Theatre on the outskirts of Kensington.


Brimming with humour but with pertinent and expansive themes rippling through, At Birth is an accomplished piece of new writing deserving of future runs.

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