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Bloody Influencers by Ben Mansbridge

7 - 11 February 2023

Bloody Influencers is a comedy about influencer Daisy Woolworth aka Lucija Antonija Matic, Instagram queen, who goes on a journey of finding something real in a world where everything she has is fake, starting with the feelings between her and her fiancé.

She is on a journey of self-discovery when she faces an accident that causes her to change and find out what matters: the real connection with others, real care, and love that changes her life as she decides to go to therapy.

Directed by Sofia Zaragoza
Performed by Ena Begovic

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Reviews for Bloody Influencers


Begovic cannot be faulted; with brilliant comedic timing and one liners, she is a brilliant performer and writer.


A high-octane telling of one woman’s determination for internet success

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