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Force of Habit by Roz Wylie

28 March - 1 April 2023

There should be a siren when love starts to leave.
But it’s not like that. It’s a daily creep.

John and Martha fall in love and prepare for a life of joy together. Things are good, but never quite perfect, and the two lovers are trying their darndest but they can’t quite seem to get on the same page. Until one day, destiny happens.

Kibo Productions present their first show of the year, a bittersweet romantic comedy from the pen of Roz Wyllie, starring May López and Michael Hajiantonis, and directed by Leo Bacica.

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Reviews for Force of Habit


Force of Habit is a subtle and rewarding interrogation of why two people, once in love, cannot give this same intimate access to each other.


an intelligent and fast-paced drama that tackles a difficult topic while always ensuring it does justice to its characters and subject matter in the process.

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