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The Closure and the Quest

Two new plays about loss and redemption

26 - 30 March 2024, 7:30pm


The Distressed Table

Christine visits Bernard’s furniture shop and spots a coffee table she decides to buy. She insists, however, on certain conditions which Bernard, finds unacceptable.

As the two haggle over its quality and price, the distressed table, having drawn them together, seems to underline the distress in their lives.

Will it also be pivotal in changing their lives as both of them desperately need to move on?

Quest for the Mongolian Death Worm

From Greenwich Hill to the Gobi Desert three strangers join forces to hunt down the mythical Mongolian Death Worm.  


Around campfires, under desert stars, lost in sandstorms and frozen canyons, their deadly quest tests each of them to their limits as their own personal demons surface out of the unforgiving desert. Will they perish or will they find the strength to face-up to the most terrifying monster of them all?


Each play is performed every evening.

Written by Melville Lovatt and Liam O'Grady
Director: Josh Hinds
Assistant Director: George Derry
Cast: Aysha Niwaz, Jo Sutherland, and Daniel Subin
Produced by Kibo Productions

All ticket sales are non-refundable.

In exceptional circumstances, we might be able to exchange your ticket for another performance.

Late entry cannot be guaranteed; Latecomers are admitted at the discretion of the visiting company and show with everyone's best experience in mind.  

For any ticketing matters, please write to

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