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The Sea Between by Demi Leigh

30 August - 17 September 2022
7:30pm £15 / £10

‘I want this to work. Babe. Nothing left unsaid. No room for misunderstandings. Promise?’

After a sold out preview, and fresh out of Camden Fringe, The Sea Between is coming to Barons Court Theatre.

The play follows the relationship of Ginny and Mike. After a chance meeting one Halloween, Ginny lets herself get spirited away, in the name of love. In the name of ambition.

Ginny’s journey eerily similar to the voyage of another Iphigenia, some 3000 years earlier, following the promise of a marriage all the way to the steps of the altar. In the war of love, who wields the sacrificial knife?

Directed by Vittorio Parri

Starring Matthew Kay & Demi Leigh

Artwork by Jevgenija Kuznecova

Recommended for 15+

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