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Scratching the Surface

15 - 19 March 2022

In 2020, we teched a week of new writing on the eve of the first lockdown. And overnight, the world changed.

Now, we welcome these stories back to the stage with largely the same team.

Join us and celebrate all we’ve survived in the years between.

The Plays:

​One Night Stand

Written by Marianne Kelly
Directed by Leo Bacica
Cast: Ash Sanchez, Alex Smith

Watching Paint Dry
Written by Marcia Kelson
Directed by Jimmy Walters
Cast: Elena Vasilache, Cristinel Hogas

Written by Eddie Coleman
Directed by Vittorio Parri
Cast: Dervla Toal

Everything's Brilliant
Written by Jonathan Skinner
Directed by Hannah Stacey
Cast: Amberley Hillyard, Nichola Jean Mazur, Christopher Lumby, Leyon Hunter-Stolz

Sales of a Deadman
Written by Arthur M Jolly
Directed by Jagoda Kamov
Cast: Demi Leigh, Celia Learmouth, Matthew Kay, Giorgio Galassi

If you see my dad...
Written by Jo Spencely
Directed by MIchael Gyngell
Cast: Calum Balmforth

Right Place, Wrong Time
Written by Chelsea Sheldon
Directed by Tianxin Tian
Cast: Rachel Thomas, Nazeku

Ever Changing Skyline
Written by Emma Pitt
Directed by Sharon Willems
Cast: Naila Mansour, Gerrie Skeens

Scratching the Surface was originally developed in collaboration with students from University of West London.

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