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The Lamb Disagrees by Eratle Wang

28 November - 2 December 2023

Willow is living through her worst nightmare. Not only has she discovered that her boyfriend is married, but his wife has just been murdered. And she is the main suspect.

Worse still, her world isn’t her own, but the creation of Aaron, a crime novelist desperate for a bestseller. He thinks writing a novel with a Chinese-immigrant at its centre will tick everyone’s boxes. Aaron has decided that Willow will be his sacrificial lamb, but what happens when the lamb disagrees?

Winner of the 2023 Vaults Festival Origin Award for new writing, The Lamb Disagrees is Eratle Wang’s debut play. Kibo Productions is thrilled to produce Eratle’s ambitious, unflinching take down of the western gaze on East Asian women.

Cast: Gawa Leung, Martina Greenwood, Gerrie Skeens, Ben Butler
Directed by Sharon Willems

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Reviews for The Lamb Disagrees


I left wanting more than another slice


The Lamb Disagrees is a terrific premise for a story that taps into current concerns

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