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Bringing your work to the Barons Court

Some FAQs

Who can bring work to the Barons Court?

Anyone with a story is welcome to bring work to the Barons Court Theatre.

Theatre is for everyone, and our doors are open for conversations and developing stories not currently seen onstage.

Whether we're the place for you to develop a new play through our scratch night or the home for the first professional production, the Barons Court Theatre aims to incubate ideas and support artists from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

What kind of work do you program?

The Barons Court exists to create memorable experiences for its audiences and local community. We aim to be a playground for artists and stage a mixture of new writing, reimagined classics, musicals and works in translation that speak to what it means to be alive now.

We seek to program work that provokes conversations and is unabashedly theatrical. 

We aim to create a working culture that is friendly, collaborative and inclusive and welcome companies whose productions embed diversity in their development and casting with respect and transparency.

We welcome submissions from international artists and companies, both based in the UK and abroad. While the majority of our programming will be in English, we are open to bilingual productions or productions in the artist’s native language.  

What we programme:

  • Full length plays and musicals that engage audiences with passion, empathy and wit

  • UK premieres of international artists or works in translation that reveal our shared humanity 

  • Adaptations of novels or other media that change our perspective of the world

  • Comedy, live music, and long-format magic shows as part of our BC Lates

Things that are not for us:

  • Plays of a running time of less than an hour (unless part of a festival or night of short plays)

  • On stage depictions of sexual assault or violence against women or children

  • Productions that depict issues facing a historically underrepresented lived experience on stage without including voices from these backgrounds in the cast or creatives, ie. plays about autism without autistic makers involved.

We are also keen to be a focal point of the community in West Kensington and go beyond our mission as a theatre to become a cultural hub for the residents of our neighborhood. To facilitate this, we also hold scratch nights, script readings, courses, workshops, and events that can benefit both artists and the local community. 

How many nights can I perform with you?

We program runs of 1-week or more. The typical run for a production with us runs for 3 weeks.

We hold one-off events as availability allows on Sundays or Mondays. 

Our evening shows typically run Tues - Saturday at 7:30pm each evening. Matinees are agreed on a case by case basis. 

How do the financials work?

It is £950 per week to hire the theatre. 

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