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Still Life with Onions

by Rob Burbidge
12 - 16 March, 7:30pm

The war is over, and the Allies have won. Britain has ambitious plans to rebuild. But a year after VE-day, victory celebrations are a distant memory; rationing and austerity are all around, while pain and loss are in surplus. Far too many people have lost family, or friendships, or livelihoods. In a grimy tenement block, three survivors bond together. An English country girl, a London shop assistant and a refugee from Germany find themselves in new conflict with each other and with their own regrets.


As if that isn't enough, the coldest winter in living memory is just around the corner. As the city turns first white and then grey, fortunes and spirits fall as low as the mercury. Will the three artists take up arms against their pasts to find their own true peace?



Naomi Bowman

Kieran Dobson

Christopher Kouros

Olivia Steele 


Written by Rob Burbidge

Directed by Amalia Kontesi

Sound design: Sam Tannenbaum 

Set design: Sofia Palma

Costume design: Vasiliki Verousi

Still life mock up.png

All ticket sales are non-refundable.

In exceptional circumstances, we might be able to exchange your ticket for another performance.

Late entry cannot be guaranteed; Latecomers are admitted at the discretion of the visiting company with everyone's best experience in mind.  

If you would like to request an exchange or a refund, please write to


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