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One Year Itch

9 - 13 January 2024, 7.30 pm

Tania has her heart set on her dream job but has she unwittingly placed a curse on her dating life?

Our heroine, ably assisted by her bestie Jayne, comes face to face with the trials and tribulations of lesbian courtship. Emotional unavailability, overfamiliar mothers, and blatant catfishing abound in this not-so-romantic comedy.

Can she realise her ambition to become organizer of the hottest ticket in town? Will she be doomed to remain everyone’s favourite singleton? And, honestly, was it really all about the Moroccan room?

Award-winning actor Anca Vaida leads an all-female and non-binary cast in this brand-new LGBTQI+ play from Awkward Branch Productions.


Cast and Creatives:

Anca Vaida - Tania Hagi

Iona McTaggart - Jayne Matthews

Tizzy Kanouche - Betty Laine

Jhané Gibson - Louisa Peters

Buddleia Maslen - Tilly Montgomery

Jean Woollard - Mrs Beryl Montgomery

Susan Hoffman - Freya Larsen

Ozzy Algar - Vitoria De Luca

Kelly Craige - Gillian Clark


Andrew Phipps - Director

Alice Catanzaro - Stage Manager


The show lasts for 75 minutes. This is a 16+ show.

“I don’t mind if I don’t have sex for an entire year

- as long as I get the promotion”

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All ticket sales are non-refundable.

In exceptional circumstances, we might be able to exchange your ticket for another performance.

Late entry cannot be guaranteed; Latecomers are admitted at the discretion of the visiting company and show with everyone's best experience in mind.  

For any ticketing matters, please write to

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