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Reboot Festival 2022

18 - 29 October 2022
29 November - 3 December 7.30 pm

​The Reboot Festival returns to Barons Court for three weeks this October to showcase some of the most exciting emerging writers from around the world.

Each week features a different line up of new writing gems. Book for an individual night or get a pass for the festival and don't miss a single thing.

There's truly something for everyone in these funny and heartbreaking gems of new writing. 

Performance Dates:

Week 1 performances: 18 - 25 October

Week 2 performances: 25 - 29 October

Week 3 performances: 29 November - 3 December

Reboot 2_Week 3_updated (Poster).png

Week 1 (18-22 Oct)

Growing Into My Skin

Written and performed by: Ioana Goga

Directed by: Leo Bacica

Join Ioana on a journey through the highs and lows of being a woman, being in love, struggling with mental health, and just being alive in general.


Written and Directed by: Jake Hart

Cast: Abbie Blackburn (Dodi), Nicole Haddon (Ava) 

Sound design: Jaymie Stewart

Dodi and Ava are looking at their broken love story wondering where it all went wrong.


Writer: Rich Yu

Director: Jimmy Walters

Cast: Alex Smith (Rich)

Sound Design: Jamie Lu

Rich does not have a driving license. Yet he is driving this nice car down the highway. Fast. His doctor is in the car. Not willingly.


Writer: Scott Younger

Director: Jagoda Kamov

Cast: Magdalena Ivanova (Amber) , Michael Molino (Robin)

Young Amber is a wanderer. Robin is a reclusive believer. They do not trust each other. They are in danger. 

Finding a Voice

Writer: Samantha Priestley

Director: Anastazie Toros

Cast: Iskra Everhys (Cat's Voice), Marianne Kelly (Cat), Matthew John Wright (Alan)

If you keep being quiet, your voice will finally disappear. But how does one go about finding their voice again?

Company Photo_edited.jpg

Week 2 (24-29 Oct)

The Son of Man

Writer: Sebastiao Marques Lopes

Director: Beth Graham

Cast: Emily Millwood (Patrick), Matthew John Wright (Matthew)

If one evening a sharp-dressed stranger offered you a gift too good to be true, would you take it?

Possum Trot

Writer: Kathy Rucker

Director: Locke Earle

Cast: Gerrie Skeens (Maxine)

It's not a ghost town if it's still got one person in it. And she's hanging on!

My Beautiful Distraction

Writer: Jonny Brace

Director: Amalia Kontesi

Cast: Hannah Dormor (Clara) , Olive McHugh (Paige), Simon D'Aquino (Gabe)

Clara and Paige have been in love for a long time. Clara's husband is not comfortable with this.

Moon Child

Writer: Nina Tolstoy

Director: Sharon Willems

Cast: Karen Bartholomew (Mother), Martha Crow (Charlie), Romulus Hotea (Roman/Beekeper/Doctor)

A mom's love is always there, even when you don't see it. Even when mom is no longer with you.

The Soprano

Writer: Amalia Kontesi

Director: Sam Tannenbaum

Cast: Veronica Sarno (Mary), Mark Keegan (Joseph Radinsky)

When reexamined years later, famous conductor Joe Radinsky's actions are not as innocent as they seemed.

Winter Tales

Writer: Alina Rios

Director: Emma Copland

Cast: Emma Humpston (Eva), Daniel Lipton (Mark)

Childhood memories, the cold present, and the future melt into each other in the dreamscape of this elegiac play.


Week 3 (29 Nov - 3 Dec)


Writer: Sally Sheringham

Director: Afton Aitkenhead

Cast: Amali Jazeel, Ryan Radley

It's hard to get in a party mood after suffering a loss. But meeting the right person can be the start of recovery.


Writer: Marie Mayingi

Director: Zara Ramtohul-Akbur

Cast: Lara Grace Ilori, Yolanda Ovide, Mutulu Woolley

Family trauma and the fight for what's right are as relevant today as they were 25 centuries ago.

The Watchers

Writer: Jayne Woodhouse

Director: Sharon Willems

Cast: Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell, Ceri Gifford, Martha Crow

An oppressive government can be suffocating when it's got the means to control the population. But there's always the unseen.

Complete Sex

Writer: Mónica Maffía

Director: Sharon Willems

Translator: Sophie Stevens

Cast: Daniel Keogh/Lisa Maeda

A joyful ode for everyone who doesn't fit in the tickboxes of border police forms.


Writer: Kate Webster

Director: Leo Bacica

Cast: Samira Teymouri, Leyon Hunter-Stolz

When does a dedicated fan become a stalker?

Grace finds Kel

Writer: Rex McGregor

Director: David Frias Robles

Cast: Lizzie Coles, Pete Picton

Homelessness can be a form of protest.

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